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Additional Information

The following information forms part of the Budget Economic and Fiscal Update 2016 (Budget Update) released by the Treasury on 26 May 2016. This information provides further details on the Budget Update and should be read in conjunction with the published document. The additional information includes:

  • Detailed economic forecast information - tables providing breakdowns of the economic forecasts.
  • Treasury and Inland Revenue tax forecasts - detailed tax revenue and receipts tables comparing Treasury's forecasts with IR's forecasts.
  • Tax Policy changes - details of material changes to tax revenue since the Budget Update as a result of policy initiatives.
  • Additional fiscal indicators - estimates of the cyclically-adjusted balance and fiscal impulse.
  • Government Finance Statistics (GFS) for central government - fiscal tables presented under a GFS presentation framework to help with cross-country comparisons.
  • Accounting policies - outline of the specific Crown accounting policies.
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