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Specific Fiscal Risks

The matters listed below are disclosed as specific fiscal risks as they meet the rules for disclosure outlined on page 99 above.

Quantified and unquantified risks are listed separately. Within each list the risks have been categorised as new or changed/unchanged since the last economic and fiscal update.

Risks are unquantified if the amount of the risk is unknown, or if the matter is partially disclosed as an unquantified risk (as full disclosure would be likely to prejudice New Zealand's substantial economic interests, security, defence or international relations; or compromise the Crown in a material way in negotiation, litigation or commercial activity; or result in a material loss of value to the Crown).

In previous economic and fiscal updates some matters have been disclosed as time-limited funding in order to increase transparency about initiatives with funding profiles that cease or decrease during the forecast period and that may potentially be extended. The changes that have been made to the criteria for disclosure of matters as specific fiscal risks have negated the need to separately disclose time-limited funding. Matters that would previously have been disclosed as time-limited funding are disclosed within the specific fiscal risks listed below.

Fuller descriptions of the risks listed below are included on pages 109 to 123.

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