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Budget 2007 Home Page Budget Economic and Fiscal Update [2007]

Publication Details

  • Budget Economic and Fiscal Update [2007]
  • Published: May 2007
  • Status: Current
  • Author: The Treasury

      Budget Economic & Fiscal Update 2007

      Published 17 May 2007

      The Budget Economic and Fiscal Update (BEFU) 2007 gives a detailed statement of the Government's financial position including updated economic and fiscal forecasts, analysis of the fiscal position and a summary of specific fiscal risks.

      BEFU 2007 was published conjointly with the Fiscal Strategy Report, the Budget Speech and the Executive Summary in the same hard copy publication.

      Additional Information

      There is also Additional Information that contains detailed economic forecast tables and additional financial information.

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      Statement of Responsibility

      befu07-1.pdf (20 KB) p. 60

      Economic and Tax Outlook

      befu07-2.pdf (115 KB) pp. 61–79

      Fiscal Outlook

      befu07-3.pdf (198 KB) pp. 80–114

      Risks and Scenarios

      befu07-4.pdf (76 KB) pp. 115–127

      Specific Fiscal Risks

      befu07-5.pdf (201 KB) pp. 129–156

      Generally Accepted Accounting Practice (GAAP) Series Tables

      befu07-6.pdf (212 KB) pp. 157–184

      Core Crown Expense Tables

      befu07-7.pdf (39 KB) pp. 185–189

      NZ IFRS Transition - Budget 2007

      befu07-8.pdf (54 KB) pp. 191–196

      Glossary of Terms

      befu07-9.pdf (27 KB) pp. 197–200

      Additional Information

      befu07-10.pdf (252 KB) pp. 1–61
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