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Forecasts (Economic and Fiscal Updates)

Page updated 14 Dec 2017

The Treasury's forecasts for Government finances and the economy are published in Budget documents titled Economic and Fiscal Updates (EFUs).

The Economic and Fiscal Updates provide a detailed statement of the Government's financial position including updated economic and fiscal forecasts, analysis of the fiscal position and a summary of specific fiscal risks.

These forecasts are usually published twice each year: the Budget Economic and Fiscal Update (BEFU) is published with other Budget documents in May of each year, and the Half Year Economic and Fiscal Update (HYEFU) is usually produced in December. A Pre-election Economic and Fiscal Update (PREFU) is required to be published prior to a general election.

The most recent published forecast is the Half Year Economic and Fiscal Update 2017 (HYEFU) published on 14 December 2017.

The Treasury has also produced a new plain English summary of its forecasts in the BEFU Basics, HYEFU Basics and PREFU Basics.

The next forecast will be the Budget Economic and Fiscal Update 2017 (BEFU) date to be announced.

See the Archive of Economic and Fiscal Updates for forecasts back to 1997.

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