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Capital Injections

  Main Estimates Supplementary
DEPARTMENT $000 $000
Business, Innovation and Employment, Ministry of (see Vote: Business, Science and Innovation) 66,137 7,032
Clerk of the House of Representatives, Office of the (see Vote: Office of the Clerk) 2,323 2,323
Conservation, Department of (see Vote: Conservation) 17,446 -
Corrections, Department of (see Vote: Corrections) 1,654 22,000
Customs Service, New Zealand (see Vote: Customs) 4,249 4,249
Defence Force, New Zealand (see Vote: Defence Force) 6,000 81,072
Education, Ministry of (see Vote: Education) 475,848 452,436
Foreign Affairs and Trade, Ministry of (see Vote: Foreign Affairs and Trade) 6,708 -
Inland Revenue Department (see Vote: Revenue) 54,000 58,110
Internal Affairs, Department of (see Vote: Internal Affairs) 15,715 7,715
Justice, Ministry of (see Vote: Justice) 88,257 108,850
Ombudsman, Office of the (see Vote: Ombudsmen) 549 1,072
Parliamentary Service (see Vote: Parliamentary Service) - 4,400
Police, New Zealand (see Vote: Police) - 2,789
Primary Industries, Ministry for (see Vote: Primary Industries and Food Safety) 32,070 38,194
Prime Minister and Cabinet, Department of the (see Vote: Prime Minister and Cabinet) 2,350 163
Social Development, Ministry of (see Vote: Social Development) 6,500 9,483
Statistics New Zealand (see Vote: Statistics) 17,447 2,600
Te Puni Kōkiri (see Vote: Māori Development) 6,200 6,200
The Treasury (see Vote: Finance) 4,548 4,548
Vulnerable Children, Oranga Tamariki, Ministry for (see Vote: Vulnerable Children, Oranga Tamariki) - 158,164
Total Capital Injections 808,001 971,400
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