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Budget 2016 Home Page The Supplementary Estimates of Appropriations and Supporting Information 2015/16

Part 4 - Details of Multi-Category Expenses and Capital Expenditure

Multi-Category Expenses and Capital Expenditure

Policy Advice and Ministerial Services (M51)

Overarching Purpose Statement

The overarching purpose of this appropriation is to provide policy advice and other support to Ministers in discharging their policy decision-making and other portfolio responsibilities.

Scope of Appropriation

Departmental Output Expenses
Ministerial Services
This category is limited to the provision of services to Ministers to enable them to discharge their portfolio (other than policy-making responsibilities).
Policy Advice
This category is limited to the provision of policy advice (including second opinion advice and contributions to policy advice led by other agencies) to support decision-making by Ministers on government policy matters.

Expenses, Revenue and Capital Expenditure

Supplementary Estimates

Total Appropriation


Departmental Output Expenses

Ministerial Services724177901
Policy Advice2,5087543,262

Funding for Departmental Output Expenses

Revenue from the Crown

Ministerial Services723177900
Policy Advice2,4967543,250

Revenue from Others

Ministerial Services1-1
Policy Advice12-12

Reasons for Change in Appropriation

This appropriation increased by $931,000 (28.8%) to $4.163 million in 2015/16. The increase relates to:

  • a fiscally neutral transfer of $839,000 from Police Primary Response appropriation to align resources with demand and activities
  • funding of $89,000 for the costs of the 2015 Police Collective Employment Agreement, and
  • funding of $10,000 for the increased capital charge due to the increase in the net assets as a consequence of the revaluation of properties as at 30 June 2015.

These increases were partly offset by a contribution of $7,000 for a share of costs for Budget 2015 whole-of-government initiatives.

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