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Budget 2016 Home Page The Supplementary Estimates of Appropriations and Supporting Information 2015/16

Part 4 - Details of Multi-Category Expenses and Capital Expenditure

Multi-Category Expenses and Capital Expenditure

Drafting and Access to Legislation (M5)

Overarching Purpose Statement

The overarching purpose of this appropriation is to provide for the drafting and publishing of legislation for the Government, Parliament, and the public.

Scope of Appropriation

Departmental Output Expenses
Access to Legislation
The category is limited to providing free public access to legislation and disclosure statements via the internet, supplying Government Bills and Supplementary Order Papers; publishing and distributing legislation; reprinting legislation with the amendments incorporated.
Law Drafting Services
This category is limited to drafting legislation, examining and reporting on local Bills and private Bills and drafting amendments to them, providing advice on the drafting of legislation and on disallowable instruments that are not drafted by the PCO, providing legislative drafting assistance to Pacific Island nations, undertaking 3-yearly programmes of statute law revision, and administering the Legislation Act 2012 and any other legislation PCO is responsible for.

Expenses, Revenue and Capital Expenditure

Supplementary Estimates

Total Appropriation


Departmental Output Expenses

Access to Legislation9,931(6,931)3,000
Law Drafting Services10,6747,12717,801

Funding for Departmental Output Expenses

Revenue from the Crown

Access to Legislation9,931(6,931)3,000
Law Drafting Services10,5946,93117,525

Revenue from Others

Law Drafting Services80196276

Reasons for Change in Appropriation

This appropriation increased by $196,000 to $20.801 million for 2015/16 due to an extension, to 30 June 2016, in the period of funding from the New Zealand Aid Programme, managed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, for the operation of the Pacific Island desk which is based within the PCO.

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