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Property Rights (M44)

Overarching Purpose Statement

The overarching purpose of this appropriation is to ensure that property rights and information are clear, certain, easily tradable and accessible.

Scope of Appropriation

Departmental Output Expenses

Regulating Valuation
This category is limited to the certification of rating revaluations and the administration of the Valuers Registration Board.
The Survey and Title system
This category is limited to the provision of the system for providing information, transacting and recording land property rights including establishing standards.

Expenses, Revenue and Capital Expenditure

Supplementary Estimates

Total Appropriation


Departmental Output Expenses

Regulating Valuation2,518-2,518
The Survey and Title system70,08935070,439

Funding for Departmental Output Expenses

Revenue from the Crown

The Survey and Title system-350350

Revenue from Others

Regulating Valuation2,518-2,518
The Survey and Title system70,0892,75072,839

Reasons for Change in Appropriation

This appropriation has increased by $350,000 to $72.957 million due to new Crown funding received to assist with changes to Landonline required to implement IRD changes.

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