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Budget 2016 Home Page The Supplementary Estimates of Appropriations and Supporting Information 2015/16

Policy Advice, Monitoring of Funded Agencies and Ministerial Services (M4)

Overarching Purpose Statement

The overarching purpose of this appropriation is to provide policy advice and other support to Ministers in discharging their policy decision-making and other portfolio responsibilities.

Scope of Appropriation

Departmental Output Expenses

Ministerial Servicing
This category is limited to providing negotiated services to the Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage and the Minister of Broadcasting.
Monitoring of Funded Agencies
This category is limited to monitoring the Crown's interests in sector agencies.
Policy Advice
This category is limited to the provision of advice to support decision-making by Ministers on government policy matters relating to arts, culture, heritage and broadcasting.

Reasons for Change in Appropriation

This appropriation increased $402,000 to $5.719 million for 2015/16, due to transfers from 2014/15 in relation to projects ongoing in 2015/16.

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