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The suite of documents presented to the House on Budget day can be accessed in the Budgets section of the website:

An electronic archive of Budgets of the Government of New Zealand from 1997 to 2015 can be accessed here:

The Summary Tables, which are available online, provide a high-level perspective and comparative “ready reference” for all appropriations (annual, permanent and multi-year). They cover:

  • aggregates for all Votes - showing totals for the Estimates and Supplementary Estimates for 2015/16 with respect to each type of appropriation and of Crown revenue and capital receipts
  • each appropriation type and total appropriations for each Vote - showing totals of the Estimates and Supplementary Estimates for 2015/16
  • multi-category expenses and capital expenditure (MCAs)
  • current-year revenue-dependent appropriations
  • multi-year appropriations by Vote, appropriation type and period
  • capital injections for Departments and Offices of Parliament, and
  • types of Crown revenue and Crown capital receipts for 2015/16 associated with each Vote.

For inclusion in the Summary Tables, MYAs are converted into actual or forecast amounts for each financial year.

The summary tables can be accessed here:

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