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Budget 2016 Home Page The Supplementary Estimates of Appropriations and Supporting Information 2015/16

Guide to Reading the Supplementary Estimates of Appropriations and Supporting Information

The Supplementary Estimates of Appropriation and Supporting Information contains this Introduction and, for each Vote, details of appropriations, capital injections, and supporting information.

Layout of Each Vote

The Supplementary Estimates presents Votes in alphabetic order (Vote Arts, Culture and Heritage to Vote Women). If particular information is not applicable to a Vote or a specific appropriation or type, or is otherwise unavailable, the relevant heading is not included.

Supplementary Estimates

The title page for each Vote for which there are changes specifies the Minister(s) responsible for existing and proposed appropriations in the Vote, the administering department for the Vote, and the responsible Minister for that department.

Tables containing the following information (where applicable) are then provided on each appropriation referred to in the Appropriation (2015/16 Estimates) Act 2015 and Appropriation (2015/16 Supplementary Estimates) Bill, other current appropriations, and capital injection authorisations:

  • Annual and Permanent Appropriations - The type, title, scope and amount of each annual and permanent appropriation. Any changes to the annual amounts, for which parliamentary authorisation is sought in the Appropriation (2015/16 Supplementary Estimates) Bill, are shown in bold type.As permanent appropriations have already been approved by Parliament, their amounts are forecasts, not a limit, so are not shown in bold type.
  • Multi-Year Appropriations (MYAs) - The type, title, scope and amount of each MYA, including any adjustments since originally appropriated, amounts incurred or estimated for particular years, and the estimated remaining balance.
  • Total Annual, Permanent and Multi-Year Appropriations - The Total Annual and Permanent Appropriations and MYA forecasts by appropriation type. This table summarises total appropriations for the Vote.
  • Capital Injection Authorisations - The name of the department seeking the additional capital and the amount for which parliamentary authority is sought in the Appropriation (2015/16 Supplementary Estimates) Bill.

The Supporting Information for each Vote follows immediately after the Supplementary Estimates for that Vote.

Supporting Information (where applicable)

Part 1 - Vote as a Whole

Part 1.2 Summary of Financial Activity - A table showing changes since the beginning of the financial year.

Part 1.4 Reconciliation of Changes in Appropriation Structure - A table providing a reconciliation and explanation of any changes in the structure or classification of appropriations (and categories within MCAs) made in the Budget year. This table is used only when information additional to that provided for an appropriation under the Reasons for Change heading is required.

Part 1.5 Relationship between individual Appropriations and the Work Programme - An optional table to be used to describe the work in a new Vote or when the relationship between individual new appropriations and the work programme is not readily apparent from the other information provided on each appropriation.

The order of Parts 2 - 4 of the supporting information on each appropriation follows that used for the 2015/16 Estimates of Appropriations, with all departmental appropriations presented first, followed by non-departmental appropriations and then by multi-category appropriations.

This information in Parts 2 to 4 includes (depending on appropriation type):

  • for existing appropriations that have increased or decreased - the reasons for that change
  • for new appropriations:
    • details of expenses and revenue for departmental output expenses appropriations, and of expenses or expenditure for other appropriations
    • a concise statement of what is intended to be achieved for each appropriation
    • a concise explanation of how performance will be assessed for each appropriation, or a statement of why it is exempt from end-of-year reporting
    • who will report after the end of the financial year on what was achieved with the appropriation
    • in which document the report will be presented to the House of Representatives.
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