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Budget 2016 Home Page Budget Speech - Budget 2016


Mr Speaker,

New Zealanders rightly place a premium on stable government.

Under John Key's strong leadership, the National-led Government is providing that stability.

New Zealand has made significant progress over the past eight years.

As a country, we are more confident and our economy is growing.

Businesses are creating thousands of new jobs and incomes are rising.

We are getting to grips with our toughest social problems.

And the books are back in the black.

This all means so much more is possible over the next eight years and beyond.

The Government takes a long-term view of its stewardship.

We are shaping policy around a 20 to 30-year view of how we can improve the lives of New Zealanders.

Budget 2016 does that by making positive long-term choices that will further strengthen our economy and our communities into the future.

Mr Speaker,

I commend this Budget to the House.

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