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Capital Injections and Movements in Net Assets

A capital injection is an investment by the Crown in a department (or an Office of Parliament), which increases the department's net asset balance. Section 12A of the PFA requires capital injections to departments or an Office of Parliament to be authorised under an Appropriation Act.

Further information on capital injections and other movements in a department's net asset balance appears in the Estimates in a Vote that has appropriations belonging to a department's responsible Minister. The movements reconcile a department's opening and closing net asset balances. This makes it easier to see the balance sheet flows.

Movement Type Description
Capital injections Investment by the Crown in a department, which increases the department's closing net asset balance.
Capital withdrawals Returns of capital by a department to the Crown, which reduce the department's closing net asset balance.
Surplus to be retained/(deficit incurred) The net surplus forecast to be retained by a department from its operations for a financial year in accordance with section 22(1) of the PFA, or the forecast deficit for the department.  A surplus or deficit will, respectively, increase or decrease the department's closing net asset balance.
Other movements This section is for any other movements that will affect the department's net asset balance. For example movements in asset revaluation reserves.
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