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Purpose of the Estimates of Appropriations

The Estimates of Appropriations (the Estimates) provides members of Parliament with:

  • Details of the terms of all proposed appropriations and of capital injections to departments and Offices of Parliament.
  • Supporting information providing for each appropriation or category of a multi-category appropriation:
    • a concise explanation of what is intended to be achieved, and
    • (unless an appropriation has been exempted from end-of-year performance reporting)
      • a concise explanation of how performance will be assessed
      • who will report on what was achieved with the appropriation, and
      • in what document that report will be presented to the House of Representatives.

The information ensures that Parliament can exercise an appropriate level of scrutiny and control over the Government's operating and investing activities and provides a basis against which Parliament can, after the end of the financial year, assess actual performance against each appropriation (or category of a multi-category appropriation).

The 10 sector volumes of the Estimates are presented to the House of Representatives on the same day as the Government introduces the main Appropriation Bill for each financial year.

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