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  • Fiscal Strategy Report [2012]
  • Published: 24 May 2012
  • Status: Current
  • Author: Government of New Zealand

    Fiscal Strategy Report 2012

    Published 24 May 2012
    Page updated 8 Jun 2012

    The Fiscal Strategy Report sets out the Government's fiscal strategy in areas such as the balance between operating revenues and expenses, and debt objectives. The 2012 report includes fiscal trends covering at least the next 10 years and the Government's long term fiscal objectives.

    The Government must explain changes in, and/or inconsistencies between, the Fiscal Strategy Report, the Budget Policy Statement and the previous year's Fiscal Strategy Report.

    The 2012 Tax Expenditure Statement (24 May 2012) is a preliminary list of spending delivered through the tax system.

    Erratum: An error has been identified in the printed Fiscal Strategy Report 2012 Table 3 - Cumulative growth in core Crown expenses. The PDF and HTML versions available here have been corrected.

    The Fiscal Strategy Report is available for viewing or download in Adobe PDF and HTML formats.
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    Economic Context

    Fiscal Strategy

    Assessment of Past Fiscal Strategy

    Strengthening the Fiscal Responsibility Provisions of the Public Finance Act 1989

    Short-term Fiscal Intentions and Long-term Fiscal Objectives

    Annex 1

    Annex 2

    Annex 3

    b12-fsr.pdf (291 KB) pp. 1–24

    Charts and Data

    • Tables, Figures and their data from the Fiscal Strategy Report
    b12-fsr.xls (539 KB)
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