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Vote Maori Affairs

MINISTER(S) RESPONSIBLE FOR APPROPRIATIONS: Minister of Maori Affairs (M46), Minister for Whanau Ora (M82)



Overview of the Vote

The Minister of Maori Affairs is responsible for appropriations in the Vote for the 2012/13 financial year covering the following:

  • a total of over $23 million for provision of advice, including second opinion advice and contributions to policy advice led by other agencies, to support decision-making by Ministers on government policy matters; and provision of other services to Ministers to enable them to discharge their portfolio
  • a total of nearly $14 million for the design, delivery and management of community investment programmes, the Maori Business Facilitation Service, and administrative costs of the Land Management Unit
  • a total of nearly $7 million for an integrated programme of community level social assistance to Maori whanau through the provision of services by Whanau Advocates (Kaitoko Whanau and Oranga Whanau); Maori Wardens and related entities
  • a total of nearly $8 million for strengthening relationships with Maori with emphasis on facilitation, brokerage, provision of local level information and co-ordination
  • a total of nearly $75 million for the promotion of Maori language and culture through direct funding of broadcasting entities (Te Mangai Paho, Maori Television Services and Te Putahi Paoho) and Te Taura Whiri I Te Reo (Maori Language Commission)
  • a total of just over $10 million to purchase the services of the Maori Trustee
  • a total of nearly $3 million to progress Maori economic development initiatives across tourism and the productive sectors
  • a total of just over $14 million for funding Maori Potential through community investment programmes and the Rangatiratanga grants
  • a total of over $4 million for specific Maori Potential programmes including; Iwi Housing Support, Maori Registration Service, Maori Wardens, NZ Maori Council and Maori Women's Development Fund
  • a total of $500,000 for addressing Treaty and contemporary claims related matters
  • a total of $43,000 for various legislative payments administered by Te Puni Kokiri, and
  • a total of over $2 million for departmental capital expenditure.

The Minister for Whanau Ora is responsible for the following appropriations:

  • a total of nearly $49 million for activities associated with implementing, developing and evaluating whanau ora service delivery approach ($9 million) and the purchase of the whanau ora service delivery capability and whanau support ($40 million).

Details of these appropriations are set out in Parts 2-6 for Vote Maori Affairs in the Information Supporting the Estimates of Appropriations.

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