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Vote Energy

MINISTER(S) RESPONSIBLE FOR APPROPRIATIONS: Minister for Climate Change Issues (M12), Minister of Energy and Resources (M28)

ADMINISTERING DEPARTMENT: Ministry of Economic Development


Overview of the Vote

The Minister of Energy and Resources is responsible for appropriations in the Vote for the 2012/13 financial year covering the following:

  • a total of just over $6.500 million for policy advice on the operation and information disclosure of energy resource markets, services to support the Minister, and monitoring the performance and compliance of Crown entities
  • a total of just over $13.900 million for the management of the Crown mineral estate
  • a total of just over $5.600 million for the administration of the gas, and electrical safety regime, this is an industry levy funded activity
  • a total of just under $2.900 million for the provision of information and technical advice on energy and resources, the management of the response to any international disruption in oil supplies, and the management of New Zealand's energy-related international relations
  • a total of just over $63.900 million for the Electricity Authority's work in regulating the electricity system, this is an industry levy funded activity
  • a total of just over $38 million for the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority's work in promoting energy efficiency, and by providing grants and assistance of a forecast $71 million for the Warm Up New Zealand: Heat Smart programme in 2012/13
  • a total of $3.500 million in the third year of a four year multi-year appropriation for facilitating and promoting increased switching between suppliers by electricity consumers
  • a total of $1.200 million for the management of emergency events by the electricity System Operator, including increased monitoring and management responsibilities in the event of an emerging security situation, and planning and running an emergency conservation campaign
  • a total of just over $5 million to manage and fund New Zealand's oil stocks obligations with the International Energy Agency
  • a total of $519,000 for international membership fees, and to meet Ministry of Energy residual liabilities in regards to urgent mine restoration and rehabilitation relating to the operations of the state coal mines prior to 1987
  • a total of $2.490 million for the contestable fund for deployment of marine energy devices, and for enabling the repair of housing at Ratana to a standard that enables the installation of clean-heating devices and insulation, and
  • a total of $1.100 million for to assist the decommissioning of high-emission heating options to improve air quality in polluted airsheds.

The Ministry expects to collect just under $471 million of Crown revenue in 2012/13 which is mainly made up of:

  • a total of just under $346 million from petroleum royalties
  • a total of just over $80 million in levies from the Electricity Industry, and
  • a total of just under $36 million from coal and gas energy resource levies.

Details of these appropriations are set out in Parts 2-6 for Vote Energy in the Information Supporting the Estimates of Appropriations.

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