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Vote Canterbury Earthquake Recovery

MINISTER(S) RESPONSIBLE FOR APPROPRIATIONS: Minister for Canterbury Earthquake Recovery (M85)

ADMINISTERING DEPARTMENT: Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority


Overview of the Vote

The Minister for Canterbury Earthquake Recovery is responsible for appropriations in Vote Canterbury Earthquake Recovery for the 2012/13 financial year.

Central Business District Red Zone (Non-Departmental Appropriations)

Making safe and demolishing of buildings in the Central Business District will continue into 2012/13 with $24 million of funding set aside to complete this work.  The cordon will remain in place to ensure that safety of the public during this time and may continue to support the rebuild phase.  One million of funding is available to purchase properties to enable the deconstruction of unsafe buildings.

Residential Red Zone (Departmental and Non-Departmental Appropriations)

The majority of costs associated with the Crown's offer to red zone property owners will be incurred before 30 June 2012.  Ongoing management and legal fees associated with settled properties will continue into 2012/13 with funding of $13 million to support these activities.  Ten million is set aside for the demolition of Red Zone properties.

Other Departmental Appropriations

Operating funding for the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority consists of $5.300 million for the purchase of policy advice and $37.300 million for the management of the recovery.

A request to transfer any underspends in the 2011/12 appropriations to  2012/13 has been approved.  The actual value of funding available for 2012/13 will be confirmed following the preparation of the 2011/12 audited annual accounts.

Details of these appropriations are set out in Parts 2-6 for Vote Canterbury Earthquake Recovery in the Information Supporting the Estimates of Appropriations.

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