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Guide to Reading the Estimates

The Estimates comprise this Introduction, a series of Summary Tables, details of appropriations in each Vote, and schedules of departmental net asset balances.

Summary Tables

The Summary Tables provide a high-level perspective and comparative “ready reference” for all appropriations (annual, permanent and MYAs). They cover:

  • the trends for all Votes - showing actual or estimated actual totals for the five years to 2011/12, Budget totals proposed for 2012/13 and estimated totals for the three financial years to 2015/16 with respect to each type of appropriation and of Crown revenue and capital receipts
  • each appropriation type and total appropriations - showing budgeted and estimated actual totals for 2011/12 and totals proposed for 2012/13 for each Vote
  • current-year revenue-dependent appropriations for each Vote
  • multi-year appropriations by Vote, appropriation type and period
  • types of Crown revenue and Crown capital receipts for 2011/12 and 2012/13 associated with each Vote, and
  • net assets of each department - showing closing balances for 2011/12 and 2012/13.

For inclusion in the Summary Tables, MYAs are converted into actual or forecast amounts for each financial year.

Layout of Each Vote

The Estimates present Votes in alphabetical order. The title page for each Vote specifies the Minister(s) responsible for existing and proposed appropriations in the Vote, the administering department for the Vote, and the Responsible Minister for that department. This is followed by:

  • Overview of the Vote - A plain language summary of what the amounts in the Vote are to be spent on. The Overview is repeated in the Supporting Information for the relevant sector.
  • TheDetailsof Appropriations - Tables containing information on each appropriation in a Vote:
    • Details of Annual and Permanent Appropriations - The type, title, scope and amount of each annual and permanent appropriation. The annual amounts for which parliamentary authority is sought in the Appropriation (2012/13 Estimates) Bill appear in boldtype.
    • Details of Multi-Year Appropriations - The type, title, scope and amount of each MYA , including any adjustments since originally appropriated, amounts incurred or estimated for particular years, and the estimates remaining balance.
  • Details of Projected Movements in Departmental Net Assets - Information on the opening and closing balances of each department is included in the Vote that contains appropriations belonging to a Department's Responsible Minister.

Other information supporting the appropriations set out in the Estimates, including information about future operating intentions of administering departments, is presented in 10 sector-based volumes of Information Supporting the Estimates. Votes and department included in each sector are listed in the following table.

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