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Purpose of the Estimates of Appropriations

The Estimates of Appropriations (the Estimates) provides members of Parliament with details of the terms of all proposed appropriations and departmental net asset balances. This ensures that Parliament can exercise an appropriate level of scrutiny and control over the Government's operating and investing activities.

The Estimates and associated volumes of Information Supporting the Estimates are presented to the House of Representatives on the same day as the government introduces the first Appropriation Bill for each financial year.

As allowed by the amendment made in 2004 to the definition of “Vote” in section 2 of the Public Finance Act 1989 (PFA), the number of Votes has been reduced from 69 to 58 for 2012/13. The former Vote Agriculture and Forestry, Vote Biosecurity and Vote Fisheries have been merged into the new Vote Primary Industries. The former Vote Climate Change has been merged into Vote Environment. The former Vote Community and Voluntary Sector, Vote Emergency Management Office, Vote Local Government, Vote Ministerial Services, Vote National Archives, Vote National Library and Vote Racing have been merged into Vote Internal Affairs. The former Vote Youth Development has been merged into Vote Social Development.

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