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Budget Data - Budget 2011

Page updated 19 May 2011

The Budget Data consists of three Excel workbooks, containing data as published in the Estimates of Appropriations 2011/12:

  • appropriation expenses,
  • Crown revenue and capital receipts, and
  • departmental Forecast Financial Statements.

Appropriations and Revenue

The data in the workbooks for appropriations and Crown revenue is broken down by department, vote and appropriation/revenue type for 2011/12. We have also provided Actuals data covering the fiscal years ending 30 June 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010; and Estimated Actuals data for 2011.

Departmental Forecast Financial Statements

The Excel workbook contains details of each department's comprehensive income, financial position, taxpayer's funds, and cash flows as published in the relevant sector's Information Supporting the Estimates of Appropriations 2011/12 for Budget 2011.

The forecast information is for the fiscal year ending 30 June 2012. Comparative actual data for 30 June 2010 and estimated actual data for 30 June 2011 is also provided.

The Data

Raw data has been placed in the Excel workbooks to allow anyone to filter, sort and manipulate the data for their own purposes. Some examples in the form of pivot tables and charts are also provided.

Information relating to the use of these MS Excel workbooks is contained within the workbooks on a sheet titled "Explanation". More assistance on the use of pivot tables and charts can be obtained from the Excel help system. This data is available in MS Excel format only.

Links to Excel Tables


These spreadsheets are based on the data contained in the Crown Financial Information System, which is used to collect and compile the raw data for the Estimates of Appropriations 2011/12 from departments. They do not include data from the Supplementary Estimates of Appropriations 2010/11.

Data relating to the 2011/12 fiscal year will match the Estimates of Appropriations 2011/12 exactly.

These workbooks support, but do not form part of, the official Budget documents. The printed copies of the Estimates and Supplementary Estimates, as tabled by the Minister of Finance on each Budget day, are the official sources for data contained in these workbooks.

The Treasury has generated these workbooks as a resource for interested persons and has taken all care to ensure the data are correct, but does not take responsibility for any errors or conclusions drawn from this data.

The Treasury does not provide technical support on the use of Microsoft Excel workbooks.

Additional Disclaimers for Departmental Forecast Financial Statements Data

This workbook is based on the departmental Forecast Financial Statements data contained in the Crown Financial Information System, which is used to collect and compile the raw data for the Estimates 2011/12. Departmental Forecast Financial Statements are not produced for Supplementary Estimates.

As per the Public Finance Act 1989 (PFA), the financial statements of the Government Communications Security Bureau, and the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service, are not included. PFA, s.45E(2)(a) refers.

Notes to the Accounts are not included. To see departmental selected breakdown of lines into finer detail please refer to the Notes to the Accounts in the source documents.

Crown operations, managed by departments on behalf of the Crown, are not included in departmental accounts and therefore are not included.

Prior to 2008/09, departmental Forecast Financial Statements were disclosed in each department's Statement of Intent. The structure and format of the Forecast Financial Statements has been standardised within the Estimates and thus may differ from the structure contained in previous departmental Statements of Intent.

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