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Budget 2010 Home Page 2010 Investment Statement of the Government of New Zealand

Structure of the Investment Statement

This first Investment Statement is intended to introduce, explain and discuss the nature and management of the most material assets and liabilities held on the Crown's balance sheet based on Generally Accepted Accounting Practice (GAAP) and current policy settings.

The remaining sections include a review, analysis and discussion of the nature and characteristics of the Crown's balance sheet as follows:

  • a descriptive analysis and discussion about how the balance sheet has changed over time, its current composition (with particular focus on the main social assets) and what changes are forecast to occur over the next five years, and
  • a summary of the challenges, opportunities and options available to the Crown in ensuring the overall balance sheet and its material assets and liabilities remain fit-for-purpose and aligned with the Crown's overall fiscal strategy and other policy priorities.

Looking forward, it is intended that updates of the type of information contained in this Investment Statement will form part of the Government's regular financial reporting.

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