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Budget 2007 Home Page Fiscal Strategy Report [2007]

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  • Fiscal Strategy Report [2007]
  • Published: May 2007
  • Status: Current
  • Author: Government of New Zealand

      Fiscal Strategy Report

      Published 17 May 2007

      The Fiscal Strategy Report compares the Budget with the Budget Policy Statement 2007 and presents progress outlooks with projections of fiscal trends for the next ten years.

      The Fiscal Strategy Report was published conjointly with the Budget Speech, Budget Economic and Fiscal Update and the Executive Summary in the same hard copy publication.

      This document is available here in HTML. It is also available for viewing or download in Adobe PDF format:

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      The Government’s Fiscal Strategy

      Short-Term Economic and Fiscal Outlook

      The Long-Term Fiscal Challenge

      Long-Term Fiscal Outlook


      Annex 1: Long-Term Objectives

      Annex 2: Short-Term Fiscal Intentions

      Annex 3: Projection Assumptions

      Annex 4: Revenue Strategy

      fsr07.pdf (195 KB) pp. 24
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