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Budget 2001 Home Page Estimates of Appropriations for the Government of New Zealand for the Year Ending 30 June 2002
The Estimates of Appropriations for the Government of New Zealand for the Year Ending 30 June 2002

Publication Details

  • The Estimates of Appropriations for the Government of New Zealand for the Year Ending 30 June 2002
  • Published: May 2001
  • Status: Not Current - Reference Only
  • Author: Government of New Zealand

      Estimates of Appropriations for the Government of New Zealand for the Year Ending 30 June 2002

      Published 24 May 2001

      The Estimates contain requests from Vote Ministers for appropriations. An appropriation provides a Vote Minister with authority to incur expenditure, expenses or liabilities. It establishes the maximum expense, liability or expenditure that can be incurred.

      Estimates include:

      • how appropriations will be spent;
      • significant changes in the Vote;
      • how performance will be measured;
      • any differences from previous years.

      The Public Finance Act 1989 requires that the Estimates accompany the Appropriation (2001/2002 Estimates) Bill, which is the first Appropriation Bill relating to 2001/2002 financial year. The Bill must be passed within three months of delivery of the Budget.

      Documents are available in Adobe PDF format only. HTML versions can be supplied on request by Information Services at the Treasury.
      Using PDF Files

      Chapter Title Download


      est01intro.pdf (70 KB)

      Summary Tables

      est01sumtab.pdf (94 KB)


      est01cont.pdf (75 KB)

      Vote Accident Insurance

      est01accins.pdf (188 KB)

      Vote Agriculture and Forestry

      est01agfor.pdf (251 KB)

      Vote Arts, Culture and Heritage

      est01artcul.pdf (292 KB)

      Vote Attorney General

      est01attgen.pdf (148 KB)

      Vote Audit

      est01audit.pdf (165 KB)

      Vote Biosecurity

      est01bios.pdf (87 KB)

      Vote Child, Youth and Family Services

      est01chiyf.pdf (256 KB)

      Vote Commerce

      est01commer.pdf (221 KB)

      Vote Communications

      est01commun.pdf (188 KB)

      Vote Communications Security and Intelligence

      est01comsec.pdf (90 KB)

      Vote Community and Voluntary Sector

      est01comvol.pdf (198 KB)

      Vote Conservation

      est01conser.pdf (244 KB)

      Vote Consumer Affairs

      est01consum.pdf (176 KB)

      Vote Corrections

      est01corr.pdf (197 KB)

      Vote Courts

      est01courts.pdf (177 KB)

      Vote Crown Research Institutes

      est01cri.pdf (157 KB)

      Vote Customs

      est01cust.pdf (218 KB)

      Vote Defence

      est01defen.pdf (164 KB)

      Vote Defence Force

      est01deffor.pdf (220 KB)

      Vote Economic Development

      est01ecodev.pdf (141 KB)

      Vote Education Review Office

      est01edrev.pdf (177 KB)

      Vote Education

      est01educ.pdf (530 KB)

      Vote Emergency Management

      est01emerg.pdf (152 KB)

      Vote Employment

      est01empl.pdf (155 KB)

      Vote Energy

      est01ener.pdf (195 KB)

      Vote Energy-Energy Efficiency and Conservation

      est01eneref.pdf (166 KB)

      Vote Environment

      est01envir.pdf (229 KB)

      Vote Finance

      est01finan.pdf (287 KB)

      Vote Fisheries

      est01fish.pdf (204 KB)

      Vote Foreign Affairs and Trade

      est01foraff.pdf (267 KB)

      Vote Health

      est01health.pdf (441 KB)

      Vote Housing

      est01hous.pdf (39 KB)

      Vote Health Service Providers

      est01hsp.pdf (131 KB)

      Vote Immigration

      est01immig.pdf (179 KB)

      Vote Industry and Regional Development

      est01inddev.pdf (203 KB)

      Vote Internal Affairs

      est01intaff.pdf (202 KB)

      Vote Justice

      est01just.pdf (256 KB)

      Vote Labour

      est01labour.pdf (189 KB)

      Vote Lands

      est01lands.pdf (207 KB)

      Vote Local Government

      est01locgov.pdf (156 KB)

      Vote Maori Affairs

      est01maoaff.pdf (269 KB)

      Vote Millennium

      est01mill.pdf (117 KB)

      Vote Ministerial Services

      est01minser.pdf (168 KB)

      Vote National Archives

      est01natarc.pdf (137 KB)

      Vote National Library

      est01natlib.pdf (177 KB)

      Vote Office of the Clerk

      est01offcle.pdf (151 KB)

      Vote Office of the Ombudsmen

      est01ombud.pdf (163 KB)

      Vote Pacific Island Affairs

      est01pacaff.pdf (185 KB)

      Vote Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment

      est01parcen.pdf (139 KB)

      Vote Parliamentary Counsel

      est01parcou.pdf (168 KB)

      Vote Parliamentary Service

      est01parser.pdf (186 KB)

      Vote Prime Minister and Cabinet

      est01pmcab.pdf (188 KB)

      Vote Police

      est01police.pdf (237 KB)

      Vote Racing

      est01racing.pdf (131 KB)

      Vote Research, Science and Technology

      est01ressci.pdf (286 KB)

      Vote Revenue

      est01reven.pdf (225 KB)

      Vote Security Intelligence

      est01secint.pdf (82 KB)

      Vote Senior Citizens

      est01sencit.pdf (143 KB)

      Vote Serious Fraud

      est01serfra.pdf (156 KB)

      Vote Social Policy

      est01socpol.pdf (196 KB)

      Vote Sport, Fitness and Leisure

      est01spofit.pdf (148 KB)

      Vote State Services

      est01staser.pdf (186 KB)

      Vote State-Owned Enterprises

      est01statoe.pdf (147 KB)

      Vote Statistics

      est01stats.pdf (180 KB)

      Vote Tourism

      est01tour.pdf (154 KB)

      Vote Transport

      est01trans.pdf (298 KB)

      Vote Treaty Negotiations

      est01treneg.pdf (176 KB)

      Vote Veterans' Affairs

      est01vetaff.pdf (191 KB)

      Vote Women's Affairs

      est01womaff.pdf (146 KB)

      Vote Work and Income

      est01worinc.pdf (248 KB)

      Vote Youth Affairs

      est01youaff.pdf (183 KB)
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