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The Treasury's Organisation Structure

Page updated 7 Apr 2016

Leadership Team

Gabriel Makhlouf – Secretary and Chief Executive Gabriel Makhlouf
Secretary and Chief Executive

Dr Girol Karacaoglu – Chief Economist and Deputy Secretary, Economic System Dr Girol Karacaoglu
Chief Economist

Bill Moran – Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Secretary, Strategy, Change & Performance Bill Moran
Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Secretary, Strategy, Performance & Engagement

Cath Atkins – Deputy Secretary, Growth & Public Services Cath Atkins
Deputy Secretary, Macroeconomics & Growth

Fiona Ross – Deputy Secretary, Budget & Public Services Fiona Ross
Deputy Secretary, Budget & Public Services

Brendon Doyle – Deputy Secretary – Financial & Commercial Operations Brendon Doyle
Deputy Secretary, Financial & Commercial Operations

Organisation Chart

New Zealand Treasury Organisation Chart (349 KB)

Directors and Team Managers

Andrew Blazey - Director, Budget & Public Investment

  • Justice and Security (Manager: Colin Hall)
  • Health (Manager: Ben McBride)
  • Fiscal and State Sector Management (Manager, Fiona Whiteridge)
    • Team Leader, Corporate Centre Votes: Betty Scurr
    • Team Leader, Strategy & Design: Zoe Wyatt
    • Team Leader, Financial Performance & State Sector Management: Warwick White
    • Team Leader, Expenditure Management: Simon McLoughlin
  • Social Inclusion (Manager: Nick Carroll)
  • Government Investment Portfolio (Manager: Ricky Utting)
  • High Value Project Assurance & Monitoring, Business Case Centre of Excellence (Manager: Jason Webber)
  • National Infrastructure Unit (Manager: David Taylor) - See the National Infrastructure Unit website

Paul Helm – Head of Government Finance Profession and Chief Government Accountant
Office of the Government Accountant

  • Fiscal Reporting (Manager: Nicola Haslam)
  • Ministry of Finance Function (Acting Team Leader: David Hendle)

David Mackay - Director, Growth & Public Services

  • Economic Performance and Strategy (Team Leaders: Katherine Meerman, Matt Gilbert)
  • Education and Skills (Manager: Grace Campbell-Macdonald)
  • Natural Resources (Manager: Libby Masterton)
  • Labour Market and Welfare (Acting Manager: Hayden Fenwick)
  • Regulatory Quality (Acting Manager: Helen McDonald)

Sarah Vrede – Director, Financial Operations & Head of NZDMO

  • New Zealand Debt Management Office (NZDMO). See the NZDMO website.
  • Portfolio Management (Head: Murray Jones)
  • Accounting & Transactional Services (Head: John Toomath)
  • Business Information (Head: Dan Clayton)
  • Risk Policy & Balance Sheet (Manager: Andrew Hagan)
  • New Zealand Export Credit Office (NZECO) (Manager: Chris Chapman) - See the NZECO website.

Chris White – Director, Commercial Operations

  • Commercial Advice (Manager: Angela Graham)
  • Governance & Performance (Manager: Chris Gregory)
    • Governance (Team Leader: Ngaire Best)
  • Strategy & Policy (Manager: Craig Weise)
  • Transactions Unit – Social Housing (Head: Stacey Wymer)
    • Transactions Unit – Social Housing (Team Leader: Craig Murphy)
    • Team Leader, Social Housing Policy: Bastiaan van der Scheer

Tim Ng – Director, Economic System

  • Macroeconomic & Fiscal Policy (Manager: Mark Vink)
  • Forecasting (Manager: Angela Mellish)
  • Modelling & Research (Manager: Peter Gardiner)
  • Analytics and Insights (Manager: Andrew Hunter)
  • Housing (Manager: Tom Hall)
    • Team Leader, Housing Affordability: Nick McNabb
  • Financial Markets, Tax & International (Manager: James Beard)
    • Team Leader, Financial Markets: Jennie Kerr
    • Team Leader, International: Chris Nees
    • Team Leader, Tax: Suzy Morrissey

Strategy, Performance & Engagement

  • Chief Financial Officer: Emma Hicks (Acting)
  • Legal & Business Services (Manager and Treasury Solicitor: Jeremy Salmond)
    • Team Leader/ Deputy Treasury Solicitor: Adam Wood
    • Team Leader Administration & Ministerial Advisory Services: Anabelle Alis
  • Facilities (Team Leader: Kelly Coburn)
  • Central Agency Shared Services (CASS)
    • Human Resources (Head: Fiona Foster)
    • Finance (Manager: Sara Brownlie)
    • Information Technology (Chief Information Officer: Tom Byrne)

Amy Allison – Director, Organisational Strategy

  • Performance & Innovation
  • Communications, See Contact Us for contact details of media staff (Chief of Staff/Manager Engagement: Dasha Leonova)
  • Office of the Executive (Chief of Staff/Manager Engagement: Dasha Leonova)
    • Office of the Executive (Team Leader: Gwen Rashbrooke)
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