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2018 Treasury schools challenge task

Page updated 16 March 2018

A fairer tax system

In the 2018 Treasury Schools Challenge we would like you to either: write a 2000 word essay (maximum), prepare an A3 sized poster presentation or create a video presentation of up to five minutes.

Your essay or presentation should take on the role of an analyst developing a briefing to the Tax Working Group.

In your briefing you are required to present three policy changes that would promote a fairer tax system in New Zealand, explaining why you are presenting those changes. You may wish to consider how your recommendations relate to tikanga Māori.

When presenting your recommended policy changes, consider what it means to have a fair tax system, how this relates to other objectives for the tax system and what policies have been adopted in other countries to achieve this.

As in previous years, there are no ‘right’ answers to this challenge. We are looking for new insights into the tax system and policy advice, not the ‘right’ answers. We encourage bold, creative and diverse thinking and don't be afraid to consider the longer term. You do not need to study economics or finance to participate in this challenge.

To register for the 2018 Schools Challenge, please fill out the registration form and email to by 5pm 16 April 2018.

All entries must be accompanied by either an individual entry form, or a team entry form.

All entries must be emailed to by 16 May 2018.

For all video entries, we will email you a link to upload your presentations to.

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