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2016 Schools Challenge Resources

Page updated 9 Mar 2016

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Topic Resources

Higher living standards Framework.

Regional GDP information. - This website shows each region's sector strengths and how these are supported by the region's workforce, raw materials, services and infrastructure. - This resource looks at the roles of local and central government in terms of regional development. - This resource states areas where New Zealand is successful in terms of trade/export. These concepts can be explored further to find regions that are significantly contributing to the success of particular traded goods. - OECD’s definition and summary of regional competitiveness - This resource explores urban and rural development, regional innovation and multi level governance. - This is a resource which identifies economic activities in each region. - Regional performance data.  - Treasury produced this speech regarding collaboration between central and local government as it relates to efforts to lift economic growth.

This document produced by MBIE is specific about Auckland’s regional development and competitiveness.

Improving our understanding of Auckland's competitiveness (1.17 KB) - This document produced by MBIE is specific about Auckland's regional development and competitiveness.


This book has a preview available. It explores regional development across local, central governments in New Zealand and abroad.

This document explains the political economy of regional competitiveness.

Book: Growing Apart Regional Prosperity in New Zealand by Shamubeel Eaqub

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