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2018 Schools Challenge Assessment Criteria

Page updated 16 Mar 2018

There is no single "right" answer for this task. The challenge is designed to test:

  • your interpretation of what it means to have a fair tax system
  • your analytical skill and creativity in exploring policy options to promote a fairer tax system in New Zealand.

Your entry will be evaluated against the following high-level criteria:

  • Understanding of the opportunities - 20%
  • Developing options and recommendations - 50%
  • Presentation of ideas - 30%

A further breakdown of what the judges will be seeking is as follows:

Understanding the opportunities


Have you demonstrated:

  • Knowledge of the objectives of the New Zealand tax system?
  • An interpretation of what it means to have a fair tax system?
  • An understanding of tikanga Māori?
  • An understanding of tax policies adopted in other countries?


Developing policy options and recommendations


  • Do the policy options and recommendations make sense in light of the other objectives for the tax system?
  • Have you demonstrated an understanding of the way in which your selected policy options might interact with tikanga Māori?
  • Have you identified policies adopted by other countries and how they may be adopted or modified to fit a New Zealand context?
  • Are the recommendations justified?

Have you demonstrated creative and original thinking?


Presentation of ideas


  • Are the ideas presented as a briefing to the Tax Working Group?
  • Are the ideas presented clearly?
  • Are the ideas persuasively argued?
  • How accurate are the spelling/grammar/punctuation?
  • Did you keep to the word limit, time limit, and other guidelines?

Have you referenced ideas that are not your own?


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