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What We Can Offer

Page updated 13 Sep 2013

An overview of what Treasury offers its staff in terms of benefits, career progression and training and development.


We aim to provide you with a working environment where excellence is recognised and rewarded and where you will be encouraged to develop your talents and interests.

The Treasury recognises that its staff are its most significant asset. By providing development opportunities and job satisfaction, we help ensure that the quality of advice offered to Government is always of the highest standard.

Work/Life Balance

The Treasury has an equal employment opportunities policy, childcare assistance and a smoke free work environment.

We'll help you balance work and personal responsibilities within the context of meeting our business objectives. We have developed a number of 'best practice' family-friendly initiatives in order to do this.

These include:

  • flexible working hours opportunities
  • assistance to staff with childcare responsibilities
  • a supportive and safe working environment which offers equal employment opportunities

Equal Employment Opportunities

The Treasury adheres to equal employment opportunities principles which demand that no one is disadvantaged on the basis of gender, colour, ethnic origin, disability, family responsibilities, pregnancy, sexual orientation, marital status, age or religious or ethical beliefs. In line with this equal employment opportunities policy, we intend to continue reaching out as widely as possible to attract the best possible people to join us as members of the Treasury staff.

The Treasury currently has four internal networks that are an integral part of Treasury's Equal Employment Opportunities programme: Te Aniwaniwa (the Māori network), the Lesbian and Gay network, the Women's network and the Family Friendly network. These are formally recognised groups, which both provide support for their members and contribute to the formulation of Treasury's human resource policies.

Salaries and Performance

Salaries offered by the Treasury are commensurate with your qualification, skills and experience. Our remuneration is competitive with comparable employers in the public and private sectors. Salary increases are performance-based and are linked to an annual performance assessment procedure.

All staff agree their work plan and standards of performance expected with their manager. This work plan is in turn linked to the Treasury's Strategic Plan.

You will be annually assessed against your agreed work plan and the performance standards required at your level. As a result of that assessment, you may receive a merit-based increase in salary or some other form of recognition of performance.

Training and Development

In order to help provide you with the range of skills and knowledge needed to perform effectively, a combination of on-the-job learning and training courses (in-house and external) will be made available to you.

A personal development plan listing training and developmental requirements will be determined in consultation with your manager each year.

The Treasury regards support for part-time and full-time study as an investment which will enhance your skills and your contribution to the Treasury. We will actively support your personal development through commitment to additional study when we believe it will help contribute to the achievement of the Treasury's outcomes.

Career Path

The Treasury's various career options will enable you and your manager to plan a career path which recognises your personal long-term goals.

Opportunities are advertised to all staff. All promotions and appointments within the Treasury are made on the basis of merit.

For analyst staff, opportunities to apply for promotion below the level of manager occur twice a year. Promotion to manager level and above is dependent on a vacancy occurring.

Organisational Performance and Support staff can apply for promotion when a vacancy occurs.

Broad Experience

We place great emphasis on staff gaining a broad appreciation of the many aspects of the Treasury's work, the activities of Government and the way the economy functions. For this reason, staff are encouraged to move between the different Treasury groups.

We recognise that many staff will want to take time out in their careers to pursue personal objectives - for example, overseas travel. Leave without pay is usually granted for these purposes on request.


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